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Old Mountain is a family-run Safari company specialized in creating personalized experiences in the wilds of Africa. We are here to help you dream up, plan and nail down all the little details of a custom Safari in Tanzania, East Africa, shaped by your interests and budget. Born and raised in East Africa, we know the ins and outs of Safari here in one of the world's most beautiful countries and it is our delight to help put together your ideal expedition. We have an intimate and personal connection with Tanzania and strive to create a rich, personal experience for all our clients. This website begins the conversation about your unforgettable adventure. Please contact us to chat about your interests and the potential dates and we will send you a personalized proposal itinerary. From there we can refine details together.  

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon!

We will begin bookings for 2015 - 2020 this coming January

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